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The keyword to describe divorce through mediation is voluntary. Each person must be willing to attempt to resolve issues to move toward becoming divorced.


As a mediator, Maguire Law & Mediation facilitate your conversations about what your parenting plan or division of assets will look like. Many begin the mediation process involving only themselves and reserve the ability to bring counsel of their own choosing at any point in the process. In the event a full resolution is reached, we will prepare your Separation Agreement and can assist with preparing each individual with everything they will need to file.


At the time of filing for divorce and being heard in the courtroom, parties have the option as to whether they want to have their mediator present or not. Most sessions are 2-hours in duration and are scheduled approximately 2-3 weeks apart.


Maguire Law & Mediation makes it easy on you by proving evening and weekend appointments. We also offer 1-hour consultations at the low cost of $50.00.




We know divorce can be overwhelming and difficult. Our goal at Maguire Law & Mediation is to make this process as easy as possible. Please give us a call or fill out the form below to schedule a meeting.

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